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The Place where you can dance and fly

We are CURRENTLY accepting registrations for waitlists on alL classes.

The Directors

Dede Ulses & Lacey Ware

Besties for 10+ years, this dynamic duo lead the charge to make dance and circus arts accessible in Hampton Roads for all ages, shapes and skill levels. Now starting TAD’s 10th year, more people than ever before have been able to experience what it's like to dance and fly! 

Dede and Lacey are passionate about unlocking their student's potential and help them reach their goals. So, when you're ready to dance and fly, we're ready to teach you how!

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ADULT Classes

Dance Class Schedule




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Aerial Schedule
Aeial Silks
Aerial Circus Arts Classes for ages 5+

Due to popular demand,

Our entry level aerial classes are currently full.

We do have an adult and junior waitlist class you can register for and be notified when an opening is available. 

All classes listed are Beginner/Intermediate level classes.

The Int/Adv classes are not listed and require teacher approval.

AERIAL SILKS (Ages 8-12)

Monday, 6 PM-7 PM

Tuesday, 5 PM-6 PM

Wednesday, 6 PM-7 PM

Saturday, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

LYRA/TRAPEZE (Ages 8-12)

Saturday, 9:30 AM-10:30 AM

TEENS(Ages 12-14)

Monday, 5 PM-6 PM

Wednesday, 5 PM-6 PM


Monday, 8 PM-9 PM

Wednesday, 8 PM-9 PM 

Acrodance (Ages 10+)

Tuesday, 7 PM-8 PM

LYRA (Ages 13+)

Coming soon: Saturday 12:30 -1:30 PM


Carlie Routzon, Ashley Waters, Mariah Roberts


Do You Offer trial or DROP IN classes?

For Dance, YES! Try any of the dance classes for FREE before enrolling. Simply go through the registration process and be sure to select a trial on the appropriate drop-down menu. You will be required to enter your payment information, but don't worry - your card will not be charged until you officially enroll. *Please note* Trial classes are suspended through the summer.


For Aerial, due to the nature and dynamics of the classes, we cannot offer trials or drop-in classes. Our classes are on-going, year-round so we encourage you to register and try the class for a month. If you're not satisfied with your experience, you are welcome to withdraw at any time via a two-week written notice.

Do I have to perform?

Absolutely not! However, we highly encourage you to gain confidence through performance experience. You never know what you're capable of until you have a healthy challenge. Having said that, you can still benefit from taking the classes without committing to performing in our Spring performances.

WHat is year-round, on-going enrollment?

Our classes run year-round, so once you register, you are enrolled until you provide us with a written two-week notice. Annual registration fees still apply.


What Do I Wear to Class?

For Aerial, children wear leotards, leggings and bare feet. Adults can wear a fitted top, leggings and bare feet.


For Dance, children and teens wear the standard leotard, tights, and class appropriate dance shoes. Exceptions are made for Hip Hop classes. Adults wear comfortable workout wear and class appropriate dance shoes. 

What about adults who have never danced or who haven't danced in years... will these classes be too advanced?

The adult dance classes are open level - meaning there are many different levels in the same class that span from beginner to advanced. One of Lacey's greatest strengths as a teacher is contouring the group class experience to the individual student's skill level. 

what if students want to take aerial and dance classes... is there a tuition discount?

Multiple class discounts exist within each category of tuition rates and do not cross-over from dance to aerial tuition rates.

Can I practice aerial at home on my own?

Absolutely not. We prioritize safety above all else and have a strict policy regarding at-home training. However, you are encouraged to engage in physical conditioning or alternative classes own that will increase your strength and flexibility.

What if I have to miss a Class?

Make-up classes are available if there is space in a comparable age/skill level class within two weeks of the missed class. Aerial make-up classes must be pre-scheduled through Dede Ulses and dance make-up classes pre-scheduled through Lacey Ware via

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